The last thing you probably thought you'd be excited about or interested in was new windows, but once you're a homeowner you may start getting excited about things that you never thought you would. Getting new windows in your hose can not only make your home look new and refreshed, but it can also save you some serious money on your heating and cooling costs this year. Before you go literal window shopping, you may want to educate yourself on some of the ins and outs of what you are going to be looking at. 

1. Replacement Windows

One of the options that your window installation company will talk to you about is replacement windows. Replacement windows are unique because they use the same casing as your existing windows, but with new glass and insulation. Depending on the age of your house and the shape of your window casings, it may save you a lot of money to just do replacement windows throughout your house. If your house was built somewhere in the early 1900s though, your window installer may recommend that you get entirely new windows so that they are better at keeping the air out. 

2. New Construction Windows

As previously mentioned, if you live in a really old house that needs a lot of work done, then your window installer may recommend new construction windows. For instance, if you are gutting your older home and taking it down to the studs already, then you may want to have entirely new casings put in. New window casings mean that your home contractor can make sure that everything is insulated properly which will help you get the most energy savings. 

3. Types of Windows

You are going to want some of your windows to open and some of them to just be decorative. Depending on the area of your house that you are putting them in will help you determine what types to get. 

4. Double Hung

The most popular type of windows is double hung windows. These windows all you to open them at the bottom and push them up. Not only are these types of windows great for fire safety but they allow you to get some fresh air as well. 

5. Fixed Picture Window

If you have a large window in your front room that is more of a statement, you don't need it to pen; in fact, they usually don't 'make large windows that open. These types of windows are called fixed picture windows which means that they hang there like a picture without you being able to open them.