Are you looking for ideas as you plan to remodel your master bathroom? If so, from visiting a bathroom showroom to using the decor ideas from your own house decor, here are some things that might help you design a unique and lovely bathroom.

Visit A Bathroom Showroom - Is there a home and garden trade show coming near to your house soon? If so, think about buying tickets and going with your spouse or with a friend. Going with somebody else will mean that each of you might find ideas that the other one missed. 

At the bathroom showroom, check out brands of cabinetry and countertops that draw your attention. Perhaps there will be amazing sinks that will turn a regular countertop into something very unique. If so, find out if there's a discount for buying it on the spot. 

Something else to check out at the bathroom exhibit is shower doors and showerheads. For instance, you might be sold on the fact that a glass shower door will be more efficient and easier to maintain than shower curtains. There might be an exhibit that features beautiful ceramic and metal knobs. Would any of those enhance the cabinetry you select? Maybe you are undecided at this time, but you are very interested. In that case, get a business card so that you can contact the seller if you decide to buy the distinctive knobs for your cabinets.

​Get Ideas From Rooms In Your House - Do you love the way you have decorated the other rooms in your house? If so, think about going into each room to see if you can borrow ideas that could be used in your master bathroom.

For example, you might love the elegant large chandelier in your dining room. Would a smaller version of that type of chandelier look nice in your bathroom? You might even find bathroom ideas in your kitchen. For example, do you have pull-out drawers as part of the design in your kitchen cabinets? Think about having the same thing in your bathroom cabinets. That way things like extra shampoos and conditioners won't be forgotten in the very back of the cabinet.

Is there a gorgeous mirror in the entryway of your house? If so, why not use an elegant mirror in place of a regular plain one over your master bathroom sinks. Do you have a small chair that goes with the antique desk in your living room? Would that type of chair be useful in your vanity area? 

Between what you find at the bathroom showroom and the ideas you can get from your own home, you will more than likely end up with a bathroom that could be part of a showroom itself.