Adding more Insulation to your home is a great solution if you are looking for a way to make your home feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, adding more insulation is something many homeowners don't have experience in, causing them to have misconceptions about it.  Here is the truth behind two misconceptions regarding home insulation.

Misconception 1: Recycled Insulation Material Won't Be Effective

Many homeowners are looking for ways to be more green when how they go about making home improvement, which may have led them down the path of looking at recycled insulation material.  The fact that the material is recycled causes a huge misconception that the material will not be effective compared to new insulation material.

The truth is that recycle materials are incredibly effective. The manufacturers of recycled insulation material don't just package up old insulation and call it a day. It all goes through a process that will help restore the old insulation so that it is just as effective as using brand new material. It is common for recycled insulation materials to even have a warranty that helps guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the product.

Misconception 2: Insulation Is Just For Preventing Heat Loss

It's important to understand the purposes of insulation, and how it does more than preventing the warm air from your furnace from escaping during the winter.  Insulation essentially stops heat from transferring in or out of your home, which includes the summer as well. The heat from the hot summer sun will be difficult to penetrate into your home if you have thick insulation in your attic that is designed to block it.

Insulation can also help make your home quieter, creating a more relaxing environment. Insulation in the walls can definitely help with soundproofing your home. This is very helpful if you live on a main road and have a lot of traffic driving by.  You will not longer feel like the cars are as loud as they once were after you add additional insulation.

You'll also see reduced energy bills as a result of adding insulation.  Your furnace and air conditioner won't have to work as hard when they are in use, so they will be on fewer hours during the day as a result of the additional insulation.  

Have more questions about adding insulation to your home? Speak to a local insulation company in your area for more info.