If a leaky roof caused water damage in your attic and ruined the insulation, then you'll need to decide on the type of new insulation you'll have installed. Two popular choices are fiberglass rolls and blown insulation. Fiberglass roll insulation is the least expensive option, but blown insulation could be the better choice. Here's why.

Blown Insulation Creates A Continuous Blanket Of Coverage

When you look in an attic that has blown insulation, what you usually see is a continuous layer of insulation over the floor with no gaps and no joists showing through. Compare that to fiberglass batt insulation that is stuffed between the joists with gaps showing in irregular areas, and you'll understand how blown insulation can provide better coverage and insulation for your home. Fiberglass rolls come in standard sizes that are pushed between joists, and they may or may not be a tight fit. If the space between joists is irregular due to the construction of the attic, the insulation has to be cut to fit, and it's difficult to get an exact match. It's much easier for blown insulation to fill gaps and odd shapes since the individual pieces are small.

Blown Insulation Is Easier To Install In Small Attics

Another reason fiberglass rolls can be difficult to install properly is that you need room to lay them out, cut them, and make sure all gaps are filled. If you have a small attic that you can't stand up in, then it's difficult to do any type of work in there, especially lay out insulation. Small attics pose no problem for blown insulation since the contractor can blow the insulation out of a hose and reach far corners of the attic.

Blown Insulation Is Made Out Of Recycled Materials

Blown insulation can be fluffy bits of fiberglass or cellulose. If you're environmentally conscious, you might appreciate using insulation that is made from recycled materials, and that's what cellulose insulation is. It's made from recycled paper and wood. However, it's also treated to be fire-resistant, so it is safe to use.

Talk to an insulation contractor like All Weather Shield Inc to learn more about blown insulation and how it can help you control the climate in your home during the heating and cooling seasons. Take into consideration the size of your attic and how easy it is to work in, the cost, and the better coverage you get with blown insulation, and you might decide blown insulation is the right choice for your home.