Texas is like a country of its own since it has a unique culture and rich history. When the holiday season rolls around, and you want to gift a loved one with something Texas-themed, you need to put your thinking cap on so that you are able to choose one that will be thoughtful and memorable. As you start to shop around for the perfect gift, consider these options. 

Buy a memento based on Texas sights and attractions

Nothing says Texas-themed gifts like buying something that you can only get in Texas. If you are shopping for a Cowboy's fan, stop by Jerry Jones' massive new stadium and buy some Cowboys gear that you can only get when you go to a game. If you live in the San Antonio area, stop by the River Walk and buy a shot glass or souvenir that you can only get when your feet are on the ground in the city. The beauty of living in Texas is that the state is absolutely huge, so there are plenty of sights you can see that will allow you to pick up gifts for people that have always wanted to visit. Put some thought into it and pick up something they will love. 

Give them a little bit of Texas attitude

One of the most unique traits of the state of Texas is the overall attitude. Texas is brash and prideful, so pick up a T-shirt, cowboy hat, belt buckle, or another gift item that is purely Texan to the core. You can also stop into a casino to purchase some Texas Hold'em chips if you are shopping for someone who loves a good card game. There are lots of signs, shirts, key chains, hats and other gifts that have cool Texas sayings as well. 

Purchase a taste of Texas

Finally, the food is one of the biggest attractions whenever someone comes to Texas on vacation. While it may not be feasible to send an actual meal, you can buy some exclusive Texas hot sauce or barbecue sauce, or a recipe book that let people see what Texas style BBQ is all about. You can also buy some margarita mix, since Tex-Mex is some of the most sought-after food in the world, and it isn't complete without a great margarita. 

Now that you have a few great ideas, consider these as you shop for a wonderful Texas gift for your loved one.