As your child gets older, they will start to figure out what they like in colors, designs, and materials. While they are aging, they may grow out of the furniture in their bedroom, so you may be interested in replacing most or all the furniture when they reach the preteen age. This is when you will want to take them to a furniture store to do some shopping for their bedroom.

Bed Frame

While you may feel comfortable with letting your kid choose many design aspects of the furniture that will go in their bedroom, you should not hesitate to prioritize certain features. Letting your kid pick the design, color, and material of their bed frame is a great way to ensure that you get something they are excited to have in their room, especially while they grow into their teens.

One of the things that you should look for is ample storage underneath the bed. This means that you will want to get a bed frame that allows you to put boxes and bins underneath. Another option is finding one with built-in drawers for storing clothing, decorations, toys, and small items.


Although your child's sleeping preferences may change over time, you should consider letting them choose their mattress since they will likely be able to tell you what is comfortable for them. The easiest way to find out what will work for your kid is by having them lie down on lots of mattresses and then come up with a list that includes them all to find the most comfortable.

Once you are able to narrow down the mattress options to less than a handful, you can go through another comparison to help your kid decide on the most comfortable mattress.


While the dresser in your bedroom may work for your needs, it may be too tall for your preteen to use comfortably. Height is an important detail that you will want to keep in mind even if you know that your kid will get taller and grow into using a tall dresser in their bedroom. Prioritizing long and short dressers is ideal as it will ensure that your kid can access every drawer easily.

When you want to go furniture shopping with your kid so that they can pick out their own pieces, you should consider all the features worth prioritizing to avoid making the wrong purchases.