Metal roofs are durable and resistant to damage from storms. However, this does not mean that metal roofing is invincible. With metal roofing, cosmetic damages and leaks are still a concern. If you do routine maintenance on your roof, you will be able to avoid many of these problems. Here are some tips to help deal with storm damage and perform routine maintenance on your metal roofing:

1. Keep Your Roof Clean and Regularly Inspect for Damage

Keeping your roof clean is the best way to prevent damage with any type of roofing material. With metal roofing, keeping the materials clean will help prevent oxidation and deterioration, as well as reduce wear on rubber seals. When doing cleaning on your roof, it is also a good idea to inspect the roof for any visible damage that needs to be repaired.

2. Dealing with Worn Rubber Seals and Leaks They Cause

To protect your metal roofing from leaks, rubber underlayments and seals around fasteners will play an important role in keeping components from wearing out. When inspecting your roof, you will want to pay special attention to these areas, which are where leaks are most likely to start. These are also areas where you will be more likely to have leaks after storms. Eventually, you will want to have all the rubber seals on fasteners and other areas replaced to ensure you do not have any leaks in your roof.

3. Sections of Metal Roofing That Need Replacing Due to Wind Damage

There are also areas of your metal roof that you may need to replace due to wind damage after a storm. Unfortunately, storm damage usually means that entire sections of roof will need to be replaced when you have repairs done, especially if the wind ripped off a significant portion of your roof.

4. The Cosmetic Damage That Storms Cause to Metal Roofing

Most of the damage to metal roofing is cosmetic, and you definitely want your roof to be attractive. Have a roofing contractor inspect and document damage to your roof so you can decide whether it needs to be repaired or if it is just cosmetic damage that may be less serious.

These are some tips to help with maintenance of metal roofing to deal with storm damage. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact a contractor that is experienced in working with metal roofs, such as Premium Panels Inc.