Are you considering building an extended porch or deck for use next summer? Have you been trying to decide whether to use cedar or some other type of wood to build the deck? Having a well-built deck can be a great addition to your home, providing additional outdoor living or cooking space.However, before deciding to build your deck out of natural wood, you should consider using other materials. Composite decking can be a great alternative to natural wood for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

Fire resistance: Although many types of composite decking will burn in a similar manner to natural wood, it's also possible to get decking materials with much greater fire resistance. If you plan to use your deck area for BBQ-ing next summer, it's a good idea to look for a deck material that is able to resist ignition. This will make your deck safer all around and allow you to barbecue without having to constantly worry about potentially starting a serious fire.

Insect and rot resistance: If you live in a humid area, termites, carpenter ants, and various types of rot are all significant concerns. Even when using natural wood that has been properly treated and maintained, you may find yourself having to replace significant portions of your deck every few years. Because composite decking is comprised of things like resins and plastics mixed with natural wood fibers for texture, it resists damage of this type. Insects and fungi are uninterested in the plastic and resins in the decking material. Since the wood fibers are encased in plastic, it is practically impossible for them to be eaten by anything. As a result, your deck will last many times longer if you use composite decking material rather than just natural wood.

No warping: Whether you live in a humid climate or a dry one, natural wood will eventually start to dry out. This drying causes the wood to shrink and warp, often in an uneven manner. Although the boards in question may still be solid, this warping means that they need to be replaced in order to prevent anyone from tripping or from otherwise becoming injured on the decking. Fortunately, the plastics and resins in composite decking don't dry out like this. The artificial wood material in question will remain straight for a longer period of time, no matter what sort of weather that it encounters while it is in place around your home.