If you are living in an older home that isn't very efficient and you want to upgrade some of the appliances and materials with money you have saved, but you want to choose items that will make a big difference, there are a few key things to consider. There are a lot of reasons why older homes aren't as energy efficient as they could be, and things you can do to change it. Look at the budget you have, and talk with the right professionals about getting these things installed.

Foam Insulation

If the siding, exterior walls or the windows are allowing air to pass in and out of the house, your heating and cooling bills could be sky high. Get foam insulation sprayed throughout the following places to help improve this concern:

  • In the attic
  • Through all exterior walls
  • In the crawl space

This type of insulation stops air from passing, is water resistant to protect your interior and the building materials from water damage, and helps keep the walls in place.

Hot Water Tank and Gas Dryer Upgrade

The hot water tank and electrical dryer in your home could be causing high electricity bills. You want to look for a hot water heater that is energy efficient, or a great tankless option, so that the tank doesn't sit and run all day. A new gas dryer will heat clothes faster and consume less energy to heat the clothes while it's running. Look for Energy Star approved appliances when making the change.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a very affordable item to purchase, and helps to control the temperature of the home when no one is there at the house. You can set it to turn off the air or heat when you are at work throughout the day, and then have it kick on right before you get home. You can also get a wireless control thermostat that you can control when you are away from home on your phone.

If you don't have the money to replace the windows or roof around the house, or another major project, these are some cost efficient things that you can do to help lower your energy costs throughout the year, and that will also improve your home at the same time. Talk with the professionals to see what it will cost to make these different efficiency improving changes, and then see what you can afford.