If you are living in a studio apartment that does not have access to outdoor space, you might feel a bit closed in. It can be depressing to live in a large apartment building and not have access to nature. This can be compounded if you don't have a nice view of trees or some other natural sight. However, it doesn't have to remain this way. There are things you can do to change the situation that will make a huge difference in the way you live. The three ideas below are all perfect for someone who does not have lots of space in their home, but also wants to somehow incorporate the beauty of nature.

Beautiful Fish In An Aquarium

If you live in a studio and it happens to have a no dogs or cats policy, then you should really consider fish as pets. Not only are they allowed under many HOA rules, but they are beautiful to look at. You can get a really nice aquarium and set it up in the corner of the room and create a really wonderful atmosphere. You could get the room to have a vibrant, natural feel. Fish and water and the decorations such as coral rock, are all natural and bring the vibrancy of the outdoor world indoors. They would work wonders to create a more pleasing atmosphere. 

Plants In A Terrarium 

If you don't feel up to taking care of fish, then consider creating a terrarium. These house plants and are a really cool alternative to potted plants. You can even make your own by getting an aquarium and filling it with soil and planting your own flowers. One popular choice is orchids, and another are succulents such as cacti. If you're someone who is really not interested in caring for plants on a daily or even weekly basis, then the cacti can be a great choice. They require very little watering and you can fill the aquarium with mostly pebbles and stone and so you won't have to deal with dirt that dries out and needs to be dealt with lest it creates unsightly dust. 

A Self Contained Waterfall

Finally, there is always the option of getting a self-contained waterfall. These are perfect because they create the sense of running water, something that you normally only get if you are near the ocean or a river. They can run off batteries or be hooked up to an electrical outlet. in addition to looking beautiful, they also sound really peacefull and make the perfect white noise machine. 

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