When you are comparing materials for a new countertop, one of the criteria that you are looking at will be price. Although granite is one of the higher cost options, there are many advantages to using this material for your new kitchen countertops. The following are among the most important.

Granite doesn't chip or scratch

Many other countertop materials will chip, some more easily than others. But because granite is a hard rock, it will not chip easily. The type of chipping that can be seen with other materials, because of something hard was dropped on the counter or it was hit at an angle, is not something that will happen with granite. It is true, that granite can be cut; the countertop for your kitchen will be cut from a slab, but it takes special equipment. This hardness also makes it impervious to marks made by cutting knives. With lower-cost countertops, you need a cutting board, but there will occasionally be a slip of the knife, and the countertop will be scratched. Knives do not scratch granite countertops.

Granite is resistant to heat and stains

Heat from a hot pan has no effect on granite countertops. This is a great advantage even if you are in the habit of using a pot holder, pot stand, or other heat protector for your counter, because accidents will happen. Burn marks are something other materials can experience, but not a countertop made from granite. In addition, granite is stain-resistant, even more so if it has been professionally sealed.

It adds value to your home

Because granite is a high quality material, you home's value will likely go up after your kitchen renovation, even more than it would from a kitchen renovation without using granite for your new countertop. A granite countertop in your kitchen also becomes an excellent selling point, if you ever want to put your home on the market. Granite has aesthetic appeal. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but evidence of granite's attractiveness is the amount of imitation granite available. Fake granite, though, has none of the qualities of real granite, and discerning home buyers appreciates the difference.

The advantages of granite listed above should give you something to consider. If you decide on granite for your countertops, you should also give consideration to having them professionally installed. The measurements must be made accurately to create a template for a custom granite countertop. The material is also heavy and can be difficult to install so that it is balanced properly. And because this material is higher in cost, you want to have it installed properly the first time. Companies like Artisan Granite & Marble can help you find just what you need.