Do you long for life at the beach? If so, why not bring the beach into your home office where you can enjoy the treasures of coastal living year-round? By focusing on specific colors and decor, you can transform your home office into a work space as refreshing as a coastal breeze.

Coastal colors

It's easy to select the perfect color palette when you allow nature to be your guide. Think about the colors of the ocean, sky, and sand. Imagine walking into a coastal cottage. Don't be afraid of using too much white. It's the foundation for coastal-themed decorating.

To create an energizing look in your office, use bold and deep shades of blue for accent pieces. If you want a more relaxed feel, opt for subtle shades of blues and sea-foam greens. Balance it out by blending in some items in light to medium shades of beige.

Coastal furnishings

When it comes to office furniture, keep it simple and avoid a cluttered look. Coastal living is laid back and easy. Look for white wood or wicker desks. A black or metal desk will look out of place in a beach-themed office. Splurge on a good quality desk and chair, as it is typically the main focal point of a home office.

Use white bookcases and filing cabinets for storing your essential office items. A white storage cube with beige baskets is a helpful addition for keeping supplies out of sight.

Coastal wall decals

Shop online for custom-designed wall decals in a coastal theme to dress up any wall in your home office. Slogans are a great way to bring the beach to your office. Choose your favorite beach sayings and have them made into custom wall decals.

Don't just limit your slogans to beach themes. You can devote an entire wall of your home office to showcasing your favorite motivational quotes. What could be more inspiring than reading inspiring quotes as you go about your work day?

Coastal decorations

Why settle for boring bookends when you can make your own? Purchase a few small metal sand buckets and fill with sand. Top with a starfish or a large seashell and use them for bookends. The sand will give them plenty of weight to hold up even the heaviest books.

If you want to add an accent chair to a corner of your office, skip the traditional chairs and opt instead for an Adirondack chair. Add a small side table and you will have the perfect place to relax when you need a time-out during your work day or for a lunch or snack break.

Find a large coastal print and have it framed in a weathered-wooden frame. Use it as the focal point on a main wall. Take your time when selecting a print. Make sure it's one that catches your eye and is a must-have picture. Art that you love can make a huge impact in a room and is very inspiring.

Having your own coastal-themed home office will make every day feel like a vacation. Imagine being surrounded by the things you love most and the colors of the seashore. Your work day will be more relaxing, and you may even be more productive.