Having a shower door in your bathroom is a great way to make the space more modern while creating privacy for showering or bathing at the same time. You want to make sure you take care of your door by maintaining its seals, keeping mildew off the glass, and managing the amount of moisture in your bathroom to prevent mold.

If your glass shower door needs to be replaced, you may not recognize the signs right away. Here are three signs that your shower door is in need of new window glass so you can continue to enjoy this feature in your bathroom.

Fogged Glass

If your shower door is equipped with two panes of glass for sound control and added privacy, you have to make sure the seals are intact all the time. This is the best way to prevent moisture buildup, fogging, and mold growth. If you notice water droplets between your window glass panes or they stay fogged up long after your shower is over, you need to have your shower door inspected.

In some cases your shower door install expert can simply remove a pane, clean both sides of each glass insert, and re-seal the glass so it doesn't get moisture in the panes again. If chipped or cracked glass is the reason for moisture getting inside your panes, however, it will best best to replace the glass with newer, more durable pieces.

Scratched or Defective Glass

Shower door glass inserts are often coated with a thin, transparent film to add protection against moisture as well as added privacy. Over time this film can bubble, peel away, or begin to fade or even stain.

Your glass can also become scratched with time and many cleanings. If your glass is affected in any way that prevents you from getting a clear view no matter how much you clean it, it may be time for replacement glass. Talk to your shower door install expert to see what type of new door will work best for you.

Shattered Panes

A shower door's glass can shatter similar to a windshield in that it can remain intact within its frame while being totally spider-webbed in many directions. It is very unsafe to continue using a shower door with glass that has shattered as you never know when the glass that is broken will break free from the frame and cause potential harm to you or someone else. Have broken glass replaced with a newer and safer pane.